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Re: Arc

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
That's why I one took as reference the best sailed boats of each type. In +200 there should be some well sailed among each type of boat and it was only at those that I looked at.

As you say this is a very low profile race and many just race it for the fun of it even if nobody likes to be left behind.

The objective is to take the boat to the Caribbean to pass the European winter cruising and the boats contrary to the Sydney Hobart, that is a smaller race, are loaded with all it is needed for a transat and cruising equipment.

That's why this transat in what regards the typical cruiser is a much better one to evaluate boat performances not to mention that this transat has 3 more boats than the Sydney-Hobart where most boats are much more raced typed than on this low profile "race".
But.. you're assuming they're "racing".

Sure, I guess everyone knows it's a race whenever 2 yachts are in sight of each other and going in the same direction, so, statistically, picking the boats in the lead you should be right. Looking at the routes of some of them I'm just not sure your sample size is large enough or that the results of one "race" is enough to make a definite conclusion. Are there any past results available?

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Well, here you are wrong. On +200 sailboats there is not one with a full keel (as Jeff already explained the IP is not a full keel yacht). You don't find it odd that in more than 200 skipper not only one has chose a full keel boat?
What about the Laurin 32?

Anyway, in the 21st Century, no, I don't find it odd at all. People buy whatever happens to be on the market that fits (a) their budget and (b) the kind of sailing they generally want to do - unlike the Sydney Hobart, they don't rush out and buy a new yacht specifically for this event. As you know, Benehuntalina and the rest of the mass-produced plastic fraternity have done a great sales job over the past decade or so and AFAIK almost everything they have ever offered is fin keeled, because speed, cost and manoeuvrability are more important to most people than "classic lines" and storage space in the bilge. For this reason I would also not expect that very many people interested in the ARC would also be the home-built oxidised-aluminium full-keeled low-budget world-traveller types that you see in most ports of the world because I imagine they would be left far, far behind...

It might be interesting to also look at what caused the retirements.

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