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Re: Outboard Starting Procedure

I have had many different two strokes over the years, and a couple of four strokes. Here is what worked for me on all engines:

1. Choke all the way on

2. Throttle set at fast idle speed, not too much

3. Pull hard

4. When it fires, don't be too quick to open the choke, especially if it is cold outside.

Some carbs have an "enrichment circuit" instead of a choke plate. Opening the throttle very far disables the richening feature. I had the same engine you have, IIRC it had a choke plate.

For many years I have used this in anything that burns gas:

Fuel Additives / Treatments | Berryman Products

Not sure if it is necessary, but have not had any fuel related problems.

Even if you run the carb "dry" a small amount of fuel will stay in the bowl. If you are going to leave the engine for more than a week or so, suggest you drain the bowl. It works for me.

Paul T
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