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Originally Posted by sailingguy123
I was initially considering purchasing the new Beneteau 40, but I contacted a dealer and discovered that it would not be available until August, which would prevent me from using it this summer. I have now focused my attention on the First 40.7 and was wondering if the first series boats were more difficult to sail than the number series.

Also, someone told me that in-mast furling would be a bad idea for sailing in the Mediterranean. Can someone please explain to me why this is so? I understand that the first series do not come with furling mains, but am curious as to what the answer is because I have friends who use furling mains in the Mediterranean without any serious problems.

I plan on using the boat for coastal cruising around Turkey and possibly a trip to Spain and would like to be able to sail a straight line from Turkey rather than having to go along the coast to save time. Would the boat be capable of doing this type of limited bluewater cruising? One concern is the limited water and fuel storage of the First series. Beneteau does not offer extra water or fuel tanks as a factory option, but has anyone heard of these modifications being made either through a special request to the factory or having third party install them?

My reason for choosing the First rather than a number series is the higher quality of the components and better sailing ability. The crew will most likely be 2-3 people.

One concern I have is the mounting of the traveler right behind the wheel, which obstructs entry into and out of the cockpit. Does anyone have experience with the First boats and know whether this is something you get used to after a while? Currently there are two First 40.7s for sail in Turkey, both 2001 models and both for around $180,000.

I would also welcome any comments about the First series in general, especially from people who have owned them or sailed on them. I have yet to hear about any problems or negative comments about the boats other than their limited water and fuel storage and somewhat cramped interiors compared to the number series.

Thanks for your help.
Sailinguy…I believe we already had this conversation a while ago…

This is what I said then:

"Sailingguy, I know the 40.7 pretty well...we used to race against them..and sometimes in them...there's a lot of them here....

the 40,7 can be single handed, and it depends on your experience, but there are no in mast or boom furlers for that boat..the first .7 series are race boats, hence the main on the floor and the removable seats...if you have no experience don't go there..It can "bite" you...Its a racer/cruiser, fast but not confortable...The genoa whinches are far from the wheel and requires a good auto pilot to help you tack...the boat need constant adjustment on the main traveller, as opposed to other cruising boats, so seating on the wheel side must be done. Inside is smaller than normal and space for storage is minimal...the boat is built sturdier, but lighter, and less "nice" finishings there, too. Tank and engines obviously are also smaller... sometimes too small...Several friends have problems with water incursions, and badly finished fiberglass deck fixings.."

This is my answer to your today's post:

Yes, it will be requiring more from you, its a racer cruiser, not a cruiser.Its designed for performance, altough getting old now, and faster better boats are now produced. If you race and sailed a lot before you should have no problem...if you are a cruiser...I'd wait till August. Normally second hand ones have been racing and are stressed and might have hiden damages that one might not see easily....again..depends on how you sail...I don't have any problems sailing it..

The first again, being designed for racing with minimal crusing conditions DOES NOT come with a furler main (and I doubt Benetau would do one for you).

I don't know why the in-mast furler is bad in the Med...if it is bad in the Med its bad anywhere else....I personally don't like it but only because it restrains performance...diminishes sail trim and reduces main area (a no-no for me) it might be great for cruising but not for performance..the sail is just a triangle shaped bed sheet..... put one in a 40.7 is like buying a Corvette and install smaller wheels, a roof rack, a trailer behind and a diesel engine....that, does not make sense to me...besides...if you do'll have to love it FOREVER.. no one would ever buy it from least in their right mind...

Cruising in the med is not exactly blue water cruising, its far away coastal. Save time for what? I don't recommend you do that...specially on a 40.7..stay near land. The Med bites sometimes, has a lot of blind traffic, specially in the “straight line” routes and they don’t stop…

Yes the boat would do that and would cross the Atlantic, too. Probably faster than any othe boat that size...unconfortable but doable.

Plastimo makes bladder water tankh shaped to fit in the V berth and under the salon seat, boosting your water tanks by up to 1000 liters!!!

See it here
. That is a good optional as they deflate when empty. I have 2 and they plug directly into my water tank hose, so I did no modification.

Benetau has not time and interest in changin a Benetau for you...believe me.

And if they do $$$$$$$$ you better buy a Rolls Royce and drive....

That is not true..the components ARE NOT better, the sailing gear, pulleys mast etc, are the same, rated for higher loads...but not better..stronger, yes.

The finish is much poorer inside than a cruiser because it has to be lighter...the finish..welll lets leave it there...looks like they did not havde sand paper and varnish at Benetau that day...

The boat sails faster...and better if you are racing...for want will need to reef and use motor...

I have that, never had any depends on your experience...but whoever hits it...will only do it once...guaranteed... that is why I raised mine.

Yes you get used to it...I like it..its sexy...

It does not obstruct the entry to the cabin...if you let something like that bother you...then DO NOT get that boat...its not for you.

Again $180.000 for 2001 used race boats....I wouldn' a year you will not even get $140.000. Its a less wanted boat, unless its for race...its an old design so not so performing anymore, so no one wants them abuses a boat..if it was not built with that in mind, production race boats have been stressd and things will start failing...thgus the sailing coastal

That is a boat I would buy....I like and sexy but not for cruising. But a good boat...

I also remember advising you to get a better/newer/cheaper boat elsewhere in Spain, Italy Portugal (1000 more choices) and take it to did not say

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