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Re: More crazy stuff:

Originally Posted by PCP View Post

Well, one more circumnavigation what's crazy about that?

That is going to be attempted by a pro, a good one, Yvan Bourgnon, with Vincent Beauvarlet on an OPEN SMALL CAT

The objective:

To do the first World circumnavigation with a non cruising sailboat (on a sport catamaran 6.3 meters long) and also a circumnavigation with a boat with less than 6.5 meters with no support, no GPS (navigation sextant).

Yvan Bourgnon is a great sailor:

But this is a madness

His crew, Vincent Beauvarlet, a wind surf champion give up at Canary Islands but that seems not to be a problem for Bourgnon that crossed the Atlantic alone but...he says about it " The boat almost capsized 150 times till it really capsized in a big storm.... I fought with all my strength to get back to the boat and to put it back on his feet....sometimes I got 60K winds...this is not for all, it is very risky."

Yvan Bourgnon : «J'ai lutté comme un fou, un féroce» - 11/12/2013 - LaDépê

I have to say that I had necer any doubt about that, I mean that is not for all and that is very risky

And after losing being abandoned by the crew and almost losing is live is he going to quit? No way, he will continue alone.

You can follow the mad circumnavigation of Yvan Bourgnon here:

Le défi d?Yvan | Yvan Bourgnon
For all that, he made it to Martinique in 19 days, beating the record of Alessandro Benedetto by 9 days. That's amazing, considering how totally whacky the tradewinds have been this year (listen to Craig Horsefield's interview over at the MT site where he talks about his frustration finding himself sailing upwind in the so-called trades).

I don't blame his partner for abandoning the voyage, but I suspect this will not slow down Bourgnon at all. He will be leaving for Panama shortly, to celebrate the holidays and New Year, before heading out across the Pacific, which hopefully will be more benign than the Atlantic has been. Perhaps he will eventually catch up with the two Frenchmen making a circumnavigation in their Mini 6.50, who just arrived in New Guinea a few days ago.

It is funny to me how Bourgnon's effort makes sailing around the world in a Mini 6.50 seem like no big deal (of course, Benedetto has already done that before, singlehanded and non-stop).

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