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Re: English Boatyard

Originally Posted by dabnis View Post
"Marking"? Oh my, that is good.

I mistakenly thought the car industry in Britain was basically gone. Some interesting info:

Automotive industry in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cars made in Britain | AA

I wonder if present day British manufactured cars, aside from Honda, still leak oil?

I know, a bit of a drift, but maybe TDW will allow it?

Paul T
Given I was the one who first brought up cricket, autos and aeroplanes how could I possibly object ?

Brit motors no longer live in those leaky old days. If I had the dosh and the inclination (which I probably don't) I'd gladly have one of current crop of Aston Martins or Jags and when it comes to 4WDs no one does it like Range Rover. Crikey, BMW even owned bloody Rover for a few money bleeding years and they still couldnt come up with a 4WD that comes close to a Rangie.

ps - Morgans are pretty cool but they don't rock my boat. Leaky wooden things are not my idea of nirvana.

Still and all if you really do want to start a discussion on Brit motors then yes , kick off a new one in OT.

Now back to the cricket wot ? Two days to play. Oz with a 235 run lead and only three wickets down. Unless there is a collapse, should put the poms back in just before lunch chasing maybe 500 or so. Ah me. Other than beating the Kiwis at Rugby (which sadly we very rarely do) there not much that is better.

Dylan ..... I'll admit some of those boats are less than easy on the eye but small cheap boats put the English on the water when they could afford nowt else. Sod it, homely is better than nothing at all while for grubbing about the English coast and shallow estuaries requires small stout and shallow draft more so than white flashy and yacht club.

Andrew B (Malö 39 Classic)

“Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it.”
― Terry Pratchett.
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