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Re: New A35

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
The hull is the same but the changes are so many that this is truly a MkII, a new version.

One that is not visible is the deck and cockpit, alright we can see that the cabin is different but we cannot see that they are made using an infusion system (it was by injection) and that allowed to save a lot of weight that went almost all to ballast that is more substantial then before giving it a bigger RM (the boat as a very big B/D ratio).

The draft is bigger with 2.20m and rudder and keel were revised. The rudder is really deep and the keel has been perfected for IRC rating. Probably they will offer another version for the Transaquadra with a torpedo keel and two rudders.

The boat can have two wheels or a tiller and in that case the traveler changes position going aft.

The rigging was completely revised. They show on the movie the old boat and if you stop the movie you can see the considerable differences. It will remain a boat that can be sailed with a crew or solo.

And for last but not least, in what regards cruising the boat offers a decent storage on the cockpit, more storage inside and a much better interior, a very good one for such a high performance boat.

The price is a nice one, taking into consideration the performances: 155 000 euros (including 20% VAT), price for the Paris boat show.
This is probably the boat I've been waiting for, particularly after I was able to get the grand tour of the current A35 last October. I'd want it in Transquadra configuration, with twin rudders / strut and torpedo bulb keel, and probably with twin wheels rather than a tiller (though would want to see the boat in person first, before making that decision).

On the other hand, even without VAT (being in the U.S.), I estimate a new A35 would set me back about $200K USD, with sails, NKE pilot and electronics, at an exchange rate of 1.36:1. That's a bit unnerving for a 35 ft. boat, but comparable to a J/109 and less than a J/111, not to mention more value than both, in my opinion. Indeed, it is difficult for me to imagine not being completely happy with a new A35, even when compared to the new RM 980, the Django 7.70 and the Malango 888 (or anything in that length range from Elan).

My only hesitation would be an abiding lust for the new Dehler 38 - that extra 3 feet and corresponding interior volume would probably make my wife happier, though I'm hoping when she sees the A35 in person she will see what a big 35 ft. boat it actually is, compared to, say, the J/109 (which made her nervous about offshore passagemaking).

Time to get out a calculator and do some complex financial mathematics.

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