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Re: New A35

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I bet that price is the one for the standard version not the one with a deeper keel and more sail (R), Anyway you can expect a version with two rudders and bulbed keel to be more expensive.

Regarding the Dehler 38 it is about the same, I mean even more the difference between a basic boat and a really fast one. Anyway that difference in LWL would be very important and the Dehler would be probably faster except on a transat.

For racing I am sure the A35 is much better. If your idea is to race solo or with a short crew the best version is the one with the tiller. With crew, the best is the one with the two wheels. On Archambault they developed for solo sailing a system they call the satellite that is something with a spherical shape and all commands there (lines). That sat. stays on the middle of the cockpit on the floor, near the feet of the tiller man.

Kind of surprise me that you don't see the JPK 38 as an option, if you are considering those two boats. You would not get good results on compensated but would be arriving with the first, specially on offshore races.

For racing and cruising probably regarding price a better solution would be a top Salona 38. You can get an IBC boat (top boat) almost for the price that costs a basic Dehler 38 and a Salona 38 IBC can win at the highest level.

If you plan to race the boat on US one of the things you can explore is the potential interest of the different brands in having a boat racing there. If they are really interested they can make a big discount on the boat.

Another option is to look at the possibility of being a dealer in US for Salona or JPK. I don't think they have one and they may be interested...if you are too
Very good points, as usual, Paulo. I really like the JPK 38FC but price is a problem - 153.000 / $208,000 - so all up cost close to 175.000 / $240,000. That would be a considerable stretch for me. But perhaps with twin rudders and racing keel the A35 would end up costing as much. Of course, that's assuming buying new; I think, like you, I would look for a previously owned model and save some money. The Salona 38 is a nice boat, but again priced new out of my budget (~$238K / 176K). Imagine an IBC version is even more.

My intention is to race and cruise single and doublehanded. Perhaps friends or family might come aboard, but I'm not counting on it, from past experience. But I have close friends in the yacht racing fraternity who would be more than happy to do a DH Transquadra or Bermuda 1-2, etc. I suspect I will barely have resources to do things like that, when the time comes, let alone support a fully crewed racing program.

But, as we've discussed previously, if I only have to think of myself, then suddenly the Pogo 30 looks very nice. In fact, even a Pogo 3 would probably do the trick for my solo racing / cruising dreams. In the past I've let my concerns about what the wife wants influence my boat purchases, and that didn't turn out well. I shouldn't make the same mistake again, if I can help it.

In fact, I'm very eager to see the first Pogo 3 (which I thought was going to be shown at the Paris Nautic this month, but haven't seen any photos or news). That may very well end up being the best option for me. A friend / sailing colleague, here in Long Island Sound, purchased a Pogo 2 (U.S. built) and has been having a great time racing it and day sailing with his family. If I'm smart, I'll take a lesson from him. I've never sailed a Series boat (only Protos) but I've been aboard one of the Spanish-built Zeros and it seemed to have sufficient room for a minimalist like myself.

For now, just trying to survive the snow.

We deal in lead, friend.
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