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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
There is no way I would trust an artist to duplicate what I have drawn. I can draw 3D sketches of my boats all day long. I need 3D work that can be used for true evaluatiuon of the details in the design. I want a model that will reflect a ,5" change in cabin top camber or a 1" change in cabin top crown profile. I want accuracy so I can fine tune. With the 3D model completed we turn it back into a 2D drawings that can be overlaid over the starting drawings to make sure we have not strayed from the initial design targets. I don't want a pretty cabin trunk to find out I have lost 2" of headroom. When the fine tuning is done the 3D model is used for CNC tooling and that way I can be assurred that the tooling built is exactlly conforming to what I have drawn. This is all way beyond the capability of even the best artists. It's a nice idea but you can't drop a painting off at the CNC shop and say "Call when when the tooling is done."

Of course a beautiful painting can look very nice. But our 3D work isn't too shabby. If an owner wants some art I'll get Scott Chambers to carve him a half model.

My first boat had a toe rail which looked exactly like that one. What a huge pain in the ass, and waste of time. Never did that again.
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