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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
When a doctor in the 1840s suggested that maybe doctors should wash their hands after handling corpses, before aiding delivery of babies, he was attacked, sarcastically ridiculed, heckled and condemned for the rest of his life . At that time babies born in hospitals had over 20 times the death rate of those born out in the country side. Had Mike and Smack been living in that time , they would have been among the hecklers .
Early scientists were condemned and threatened with death when they suggested that the earth was not the centre of the universe. Columbus was sarcastically heckled and ridiculed when he suggested the earth was round and not flat. Mike and Smack would have been among the sarcastic hecklers, had they been alive in that time.
The list goes on ( Guttenburg we hate your type, Ben Franklin go fly a kite, etc.)
Had humanity listened to such luddite morons, we would still be in the stone age. All human progress in any field required ignoring such throwbacks. Thank god many did!
Brent, I would never heckle guys like Ignaz Semmelweis, Eratosthenes (not Columbus - you're confusing him with Magellan - but even that's not correct in your example), Gutenberg (not Guttenburg), Franklin, or even Dr. Roger Bacon. Those guys were all enlightened geniuses.

I only heckle luddite morons who continually claim to be enlightened geniuses.

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