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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Just read a great article in SAIL magazine by Peter Nielsen regarding the SDR and C1500. It's called "Group Think". Here's the takeaway:

But of all the reasons to join a flock of other boats in an organized blue water rally, surely the notion of safety is one of the strongest. I suspect that the passage that lay ahead of the skippers in the Salty Dawg and the C1500 would be the longest most of them had undertaken, and faced with the unfamiliar, there is certainty of comfort in company, and at least the illusion of safety in numbers.
Wow, is he really SERIOUS with that last bit?

I don't know, sure sounds pretty wishy-washy, to me... A couple of grand seems a lot to fork over to the WCC in a feel-good concession to the notion of safety, in order to obtain the placebo of comfort of sailing in company, and the pleasant illusion provided in drinking the Safety in Numbers Kool-Aid...

Illusion, or Delusion? What does it matter, right? Hey, whatever it takes to get the reluctant spouse to set sail for Paradise, I suppose... :-)

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what he's getting at, but it sure sounds to me like he's pretty much in agreement with what I wrote here in another thread on rallies over a year ago:


In my observation/interaction with offshore rally participants, the primary motivation for plunking down that sort of cash appears to be an effort to assuage the fears of their spouses, and caving into their mistaken belief that there is anything resembling "safety in numbers" during the course of an offshore passage... Simpler to just pay for the Placebo Effect, I suppose, than to acknowledge the simple reality that if you have any real doubts about your ability or confidence to undertake a bluewater passage on your own, well... then you're not ready, PERIOD...

Why pay to sail in a rally?

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