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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I don't wear makeup.

As I said, I love innovation and new technologies - and admire those who enable them. Luddites, on the other hand, are those who fight against these things. You are absolutely one of these. And you absolutely are not anywhere near those geniuses you list. They were right -as time has proven. You are mostly wrong - also as time has proven. It's really that simple.

But keep dreaming dude...if it helps.
Origami metal boatbuilding is anew technology, which you vehemently oppose, while studiously avoid trying to comprehend. You have vehemently opposed any innovations I have suggested without ever coming up with a single one of your own.
Makes you a luddite, by your own definition.

I typed up a long reply to Mike Johns questions, which someone either signed me off the site, or deleted before I could post it.

Thanks a lot!
I will repost it in a few days ,one paragraph at a time , with lots of use of the edit button, so I cant lose to much at once.
Meanwhile, a nice Northwesterly is forecast to give me a great sail tomorrow.

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