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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Brent in the past I wanted to be an ee not civil or mech e. But I seem to recall complex curved materials resist deformation to a greater extent than simple curves. I also seem to recall even with simple curved trusses curvature does not produce a linear response as regards deformation. In simple terms a little curve gives a little improvement but a little more gives much,much more. Perhaps mike would know if this is correct and the equation. I also recall that thickening the skin is not nearly as effective as even modest framing.
Correct. This is basic engineering, solid mechanics. Generally, shape is much more important and effective than material properties. Shape usually goes as ~r**2 (as in Steiners theorem) or ~r**4 whereas typical material as thickness of course is linear in r (r being a typical distance).

To put it politely, not everybody has understood this ...

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