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Re: Another one on foils: Nacra F20

It's interesting to contrast this video from the 2013 Jabuka Race with the one Paulo posted earlier, featuring the Seascape 27's in the same race. Here you have a Czech Dufour 34 ("Paula") reefing all the way down to bare poles at one point, versus the footage we saw of the Seascapes where we didn't see that at all. Perhaps they left it off their video, but I suspect if they encountered such rough conditions they would have wanted to show it.

I'm wondering if maybe the Dufour 34 didn't have more than 2 reef points on the main or something? And where was the storm trysail? Maybe they just didn't want to bother and went to bare poles to keep things comfortable - i.e., not hard core racers.

And, indeed, when you look at the results it tells the true story, I think, and speaks even more highly of the offshore capabilities of the Seascape 27. A look at the final results out of 61 boats (with 3 DNF):

Seascape 27's - 15, 16, 25, 26
Dufour 34 - 53

By the way, the two Seascapes that were 15 and 16 finished 27 seconds apart and only 45 minutes behind the overall winner, an Akilaria RC2!

Amazing boats.

EDIT: Paulo pointed out in a later post that the video of the Bora is not from the Jabuka Race itself, but from the delivery of the Dufour 34 "Paula", when the crew encountered windspeeds of 50+ knots. So of course they were not in racing mode and going with bare poles was a very prudent decision. No need to break something or risk crew injury on a delivery (or even racing, for that matter). - MrP

We deal in lead, friend.

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