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Re: Jabuka regatta

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Yes you are right. I have posted the movies because they are nice but this is a 3rd rate race.

That's why I didn't bother to see the boat relative times. It only makes sense on top races were you know that there are many well sailed boats. Here, on this type of Croatia races, many guys just charter boats to race and have fun, they are just a bunch of friends not a properly trained crew and they don't know that particular boat, even if they have sailed one similar.

It seems to me that it is blowing more than 30K by the First 45 sail configuration. Maybe 35/40K?

Next one where it will make sense to look at comparative performances is the Sydney Hobart where for several years the First 40 have proved consistently faster than the class40. Lots of upwind sailing in big seas are just not the ideal playground for a class40, but it is perfect for a relatively heavy and narrower boat like the First.

Last year the winner on compensated and by far the best of the production smaller boats was a Sydney 43 that made a hell of the race. I like a lot that boat and I am very curious about the 37ft. I believe that if the Sydney 43 sell in Europe and I believe it will sell, they produce the 37.


Thanks for confirming what I suspected about the Jabuka Race. It was pretty obvious from the videos but you can't always tell.

As for the Sydney 43, it is an amazing looking boat, as I've come to expect from Jason Ker, and obviously a potent offshore weapon in the right hands. The Sydney-Hobart should be interesting this year, particularly for line honors. Obviously Wild Oats will be a favorite, but depending on the conditions the VO70 "Black Jack" could very well be a spoiler, as could the new Carkeek Mini-Maxi "Ichi Ban". "Black Jack" was only 5m 49s behind "Wild Oats" and 3m 25s behind "Perpetual Loyal" in the SOLAS Big Boat raace a couple weekends ago, so it's not out of the realm of possibility to take line honors.

Wish there was better video coverage of the Sydney-Hobart, along the lines of the Fastnet Race. Seems like it would be relatively easy to do, considering a good deal of the race is near offshore, within easy reach of planes and helicopters. Oh well... it's only yacht racing, after all, not something deserving of media coverage, like golf or beach volleyball.

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