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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
Sorry, but it IS only you... Neither Peter Nielsen, nor John Harries are saying that the Salty Dawg Rally has a problem with "Group Think" exclusive to them, or that is a consequence of their putting full responsibility in the hands of their participants, or their lack of a safety inspection... Harries, in fact, made it clear that he was speaking of these fall rallies in general, and not just the SDR...

It is you who continues to argue that the SDR is the one doing it wrong, and that changes need to be made... Again, I find the notion that the one rally which puts total responsibility in the hands of its participants, being singled out as the one that needs to better address the issue of "Group Think", completely baffling...

But, perhaps that's just me... :-)
Well, it's clear that you're baffled. That's for sure.

On your first point, I've never said "Group Think" is exclusive to the SDR. I'm not sure where you got that. I fully agree that it's an issue with all rallies - and, therefore, fully agree with Nielsen and Harries in this regard. So you're wrong (or just baffled) on this one.

On your second point, you're right...I think the SDR is doing it wrong. But as I said, I'm not the only one that holds this view. Again, though he's not as blunt as I am, you seem to be missing Nielsen's point. Let me boil it down:

The Salty Dawg people...take a laissez-faire approach that places the onus for preparation and decision-making on the individual skippers. Rightly so, you may say, and I would usually be the first to agree, as the ultimate responsibility for a boat's safety rest squarely on the shoulders of its captain.

See that big "but"? That's Nielsen's but not mine.

I understand you just can't get your mind past what you already think. But, sorry, it's pretty clear that it ISN'T only me seeing problems with the SDR.

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