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Re: Another "Next Generation" anchor enters the market...

Originally Posted by Maine Sail View Post

Be aware that "Joćo" was really Alain Poiraud pulling a fast one on every body.. He hid behind this moniker because he had sold Spade, and rumor/word on the street was that he had "taken" some proprietary designs that were supposedly sold with the Spade transaction. So he started a new company and hid himself from it as the real owner instead using Joćo who incidentally wrote and responded nearly word for word verbatim the way Alain did for so many years....

I own one of Alain's Oceanne/Sword anchors plus two Spade's.. I actually caught Alain in his little scam (long story that could create an entire thread) during some email conversations.

Funny enough that Joćo & Raya disappeared at EXACTLY the same time that Alain Poiraud passed away.... Go figure.... I do believe there was a guy named Joćo that worked for him but the email responses and many of the internet postings were that of Alain posing as Joćo.

Alain had a huge hatred for everything Rocna and Manson so take what he said with a grain of salt. Sadly he never could build a better anchor than the Spade, despite multiple attempts. He was a great anchor designer though...

The whole anchor underworld can get pretty sleazy. Just enter www dot ancoralatina dot com (the old web address of Alain's company that made the Raya) into your address bar and see what pops up?????

That's right the minute Alain Poiraud passed away, and his web domain lapsed for a split second, the Smith's of Rocna fame jumped in and picked it up redirecting all Ancora Latina traffic to the Peter Smith / Rocna page.... Peter Smith apparently had no love lost for Alain either so much so that he found it perfectly ethical to pilfer a dead mans web site......
Probably you are right but Joćo is a Portuguese/Brazilian name and there was a Brazilian firm in S. Paulo that manufactured those anchors and yes, the design was very similar to the one Spade manufactured from some time ant that they called Oceane so I guess we can conclude it was the same designer. Even so the design was different particularly in what regards its shank.

I don't think the objective was to produce a better anchor than the Spade but a less complicated to build, a much less expensive anchor, but a good anchor nevertheless.

I have heard many flattering comments about the Raya anchor by his users and the question that remains is how better was the Raya regarding the Oceane since for what I have heard that was not very good, not even in its posterior development (Sword). I don't believe I had saw an anchor test with a Raya, or maybe I have and didn't notice. Do you have tried a Raya?

The Oceane:

The Raya:

The Raya disappeard mysteriously in 2009 but then it appeared the Boss from Mason that it is much similar to the Oceane one:

that they announce it as:

Our new anchor (your ultimate safety device) has been designed to operate in all seabeds, a truly multipurpose anchor. .. The patented features, design and robust construction make it set immediately and hold during the worst of conditions. Use a Manson Boss to sleep easy ...Ensure the fastest set in even the most demanding seabed conditions... Raising the holding power by forcing the flukes downwards creating a minimum of 28% deeper setting than other new-generation anchors.

So we would think that an anchor that sets 28% deeper than other new-generation anchors would be a better anchor...but they say about other of their anchors, the Supreme:

The design brief given was to create the highest holding - fastest setting - fixed shank anchor in the world. ..

I had saw some brands saying that they have the best anchor, the one with more holding power but having the same brand calming about two different models that each one claims the title for the best anchor and the best holding power, it is a kind of a must!!!!



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