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Re: Another "Next Generation" anchor enters the market...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Questioning whether I own both is a more politically correct way of stating what my friend. You are so much the better person.

I have stated long before in this thread when I purchased my Mantus. I also stated the reason was that I was happy to see that there was a way of achieving an emergency/ second anchor with the abilities of the Rocna/ Manson new generation type anchors. Having utilized a number of times after I received it I am confident that it will. See I dont have to perform some silly test of putting them side by side on a table and letting some ametuer explain the physics of the anchor. Even us amatuers can descern from 20 ft away that the build is basically the same.

It is a copycat anchor with a few differences ( obvious again or it couldnt be patented), and the fact that it came along after Rocna/ Manson doesnt mean it isnt as effective, nor does it mean it is more so. In fact most of us ( by the way do you have a Rocna/ Manson to compare it with...maybe youd like to put them on a table and take a picture) who have used both shown NEGLIABLE differences in the setting holding abilities. That makes sense as there is very negliable differences in the the designs.

I am sure when someday a reputable non biased organization like PS includes it in one of their tests. I think this is what Paulo was driving at. The results will reflect that. We wont have to be dependent on relying on amateur U Tube tests which show only the successfull stories and obviously have no baseline of equality a real test would. Till then we will have to listen to testimonials from purchasers and company spokesmen, even those who before have posed as just interested members (Redsky).

Listening to a user of a Mantus is tantamount to listening to the user of as ROCNA. Most Rocna owners have effused confidence and only positives about their anchors. The real negative was the president of the companies boasts/ attutide and their misrepresenting later produced Chinese Rocnas of different metalurgy which has been corrected.

To me the new generation anchors (Manson, Rocna, and now mantus) designs are similar and represent a step forward in anchor designs of an anchor which does well in most varied applications. To find one which can be carried as a spare broken apart for space considerations is what drove me to buy the Mantus. I was never worried about the bolts or quality of it as it appears to be well made.
Setting ability explored on a hard clay bottom:

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