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Re: Cookson 50

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
This is a production boat and it had to be a NZ boat you are going to understand why, but for now it is enough to know that she has just won the Sydney Hobart in compensated.

It is made in two versions: A racer and a cruiser racer being the major difference a existence of a higher cabin since being this a semi custom boat the interior comfort and quality is left much to the owner desires. Both have cantig keels.

Initially, back in 2004 the boat was a racer with a flat cabin but today almost all have the cruiser-racer configuration, at least in what regards the cabin.

The hull is remarkably modern for a 2004 design (the cabin design is more recent). A very nice boat:

Anyway even the cruiser-racer is (on all cases I know) used much more as a racer than a cruiser but I don't see why the boat cannot be used as a performance cruiser.

[snip, snip, snip]

and look how she sails:

Yes, a NZ boat It has the spirit and the speed.

Let me tell you that those boys are sailing that boat like a Melges 24 - everyone at the back of the cockpit (except pit person, who probably has the vang control in his hand) and going like they were on the reaching leg of an Olympic triangle course, not out in 30+ knots and 10 ft seas, doing some serious ocean racing.

That's what I like to see. Serious crews doing serious racing when others might be triple reefed with a #4 headsail up. And I'd wager that as soon as the angle was right they put up the A5.

The only thing I might add is the boat looks like it could use some water ballast in the stern or a fuller bow section (telephone call for Mr. Raison, s'il veut plait).

Loved this video. Made my day.

We deal in lead, friend.
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