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Re: Another "Next Generation" anchor enters the market...

Originally Posted by Maine Sail View Post

Everything about the Rocna came from someone else's designs.

The BŁgelanker or Wasi (circa 1997) was first or second of the "hoops" if you count Rex Francis Sarca (circa 1996) as a hoop anchor.

If the Manson Supreme is a "copy" of a Rocna than the Rocna is a copy of the BŁgel/Wasi.

Peter Smith himself admitted to borrowing the shank design from a Delta Fast Set and the Spade shape from Alain Poiraud's Spade, hmmm copy....? He stole the hoop from BŁgel/Wasi (1997), Rex Francis (1996) or Peter Bruce (US Patent 3,777,695) depending on how far back you want to go...

Rex Francis at Anchor Right has been using hoops since 1996 on his designs and Peter Bruce was the first to show a patent on the hoop US Patent 3,777,695.....

Rex Francis also invented the "Rock Slot". This idea was stolen by not only Manson but also by ROCNA!!! Craig Smith then BLATANTLY lied and said that they had never stolen the rock slot when a boater posted a picture of a Rocna with a Rock Slot. Craig even went so far as to claim the guy photo shopped the picture basically publicly insinuating the guy was a liar.....

Oh look a Rock Slot on a ROCNA stolen from Rex Francis/Anchor Right:

Rocna Anchor

Let's be realistic here, the Rocna anchor IS ALSO A COPY.

To give Peter Smith or Craig Smith a pass and blame it all on the Bambury brothers makes me sick to my stomach.. Come on Dave, you can do better..... Craig Smith was right in there with the BLATANT lies and deceit while Peter tried to stay out of the limelight so he could perhaps wipe his hands of it.. As far as I am concerned it was all part of Peter's clever marketing ploy.

Peter and Craig Smith will NEVER get a pass from me and until Peter Smith is 100% removed from Rocna licensing, royalties etc.. They will never get another red cent from me for their dispicable lies, deceit and behavior..

Sorry to Canada Metals, they are a good company, but when you jump in bed with people like that you get what you get.

Rocna was a tad late in the copying game to call the Manson a "copy"... The two anchors are as widely different in shape angles and design as the Wasi and Sarca are....... They only "look" similar as they do to the BŁgel/Wasi, Manson Supreme, Rocna, Mantus etc......

If you want to protect intellectual property perhaps an Anchor Right or a Wasi product is in your future because the Rocna employs LOTS of copying........

The only reason anyone believes the Manson Supreme is a knock off is because, like most anything Rocna did, they told some mis-truths, some BLATANT LIES, and had IMHO a very cleaver internet bully marketing scheme.....

I mean seriously how could we forget the Smith's publicly bashing the "rock slot" on the Manson Supreme (invented by Anchor Right). They then turned around and COPY the slot themselves..... Hello pot....

When you spend your efforts in hundreds of posts over 4-5 years disparaging the Manson Supreme and calling it a knock off, then say things like this:

That comment was a bash on a guy who was at a boat show and took a photo of a Rocna with a slot and Craig Smith, an employee of Rocna and the son of the inventor called him a liar and accused him of using Photoshop...

Terrible idea to copy another product? Or is it just a terrible idea???

Craig Smiths Response to Alain Poiraud Regarding Rock Slots

These were the days hypocrisy & dishonesty at its best, by the Rocna team, WHICH INCLUDED THE SMITHS!!!

Unfortunately, you just disagreed with Ausp. Say hello to his ignore list.

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