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Re: Another "Next Generation" anchor enters the market...

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Yeah, I think you're pretty safe on staying off his naughty list. Heh-heh.

I agree though that it's pretty hard to stomach ANYONE defending Rocna in ANY way - especially someone like Ausp who's been around here for a while.

At the end of the day, as I said, I like what Mantus is doing. I actually thought the holding power test rig was pretty smart. It very clearly illustrated the performance of each anchor in that particular condition. Sure, it wasn't precise, but it was compelling.

That said, I wouldn't mind seeing some "scientific" testing on holding power for the Mantus vs. the others. I wish the mags would pick this up (per Mantus' requests) and do some testing. There are interested readers out there.

As for the question above regarding what the anchor would do in a big wind shift...doesn't that come down again to setting ability? In other words, if you get a 180 degree shift and the anchor twists out, it's the ability to quickly set again that is the primary factor?

If so, Mantus seems to be a very good choice. I don't know, I'm just having a hard time seeing the downsides here.
Don't hold your breath on mags doing tests. Their tests are very often as badly reported as a manufacturers test data is.

I have the entire data set, the data behind the data (multiple Excel spread sheets worth of raw data) for the Sail Magazine tests from a number of years ago. (Don't ask where I got it that is classified)

Suffice it to say the way that data was presented was a GROSS misrepresentation of the facts contained within the data!! Rocna then took that data and twisted it even more to the point where Sail magazine made them pull a "glossy" they had that used the Sail Mag logo on.. The Sail mag data was poor and then Rocna "extrapolated" it to be utter rubbish. All this and they really had NO REASON TO DO THAT, their data looked pretty impressive.....

If you want testing data do as I do and do your own!

That said there are some good guys in the industry. Greg of Mantus has been brutally honest and up front with me. I like that. He told me up front that my shank was made of mild steel with no BS about it.. Greg IMHO is beginning to get a little carried away with the "slick" marketing and I worry about that as I don't want him to become another CS. He is genuinely a very nice and honest guy who is very passionate about his product. I strongly disagree with Greg's "hoopless" path and think it is a mistake but its not my company. Franklin Gray they guy who did the pulls on that last video also disagrees with Greg on this.

Brian from Fortress has also been a very straight shooter and Ned Wood of Manson has also been a very straight shooter with me (despite that they knock everything off)

The guys from Ultra seem good but upon close examination of their mini test anchors you drag through the mud at shows, it is clear to see they too are being a tad misleading. (at the Maine Boat Builders Show I was able to take some critical measurements off their mini's and transfer them to my own larger versions, not very accurate at all). The geometries they use on some of those mini anchors are not properly scaled which could certainly lead to a "misrepresentation" of performance...

Keep in mind that the "balance beam" testing jig was invented by Rex of Anchor Right. It was not Greg's idea but it is a good way to demonstrate holding comparisons. Rex has been doing this for years...

I have piles of my own data that I will NEVER publish because it is for ME, MYSELF and I. I use it to choose the best performing anchor for my cruising waters (5000 pound digital load cell, high HP pull boat and LOTS of anchors to play with).. I will not publish it because I don't want to have to deal with "anchor threads" simply not worth my time......

I can tell you from testing my own anchors for years and years that it is NOT easy work and takes considerable time if you want to be fair and equal. I want to be fair and equal because I physically OWN all my anchors and only want the best on my bow I have no ulterior motives to have one test better than the other. My motive is to keep my family off the granite coastline of the NE....

Two anchors I would love to try are the Ultra and Sarca Excel.. I suspect both would out perform my hoops in deep set holding power......

All I will say about my hoops is they all perform very similarly. The Mantus does have a slight edge in initial set, as in nearly immediate under most all conditions, but once set I can't really tell the difference, and the Manson & Rocna both set EXTREMELY well and reliably too. If my Mantus fit my bow better it would be my primary..

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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