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Re: Wow... Bernard Stamm's Open 60 "breaks in half" in the Western Approaches...

PCP - NA's are still having trouble estimating the dynamic loads on offshore sailboats (hence the change from 4:1 to 5:1). You listed a well published safety factor. But I'm pretty sure the rest of the boat is not built to a 4:1 safety factor. You're very good at picking and choosing snippets of information that support your argument. Do you have any personal experience onboard an all carbon race boat? Race boats have always been lightly built unless they're under a rating system that gives heavy boats an advantage, like MORC. The open 60's, class 40's, and even the VOR boats require highly skilled sailors to get them home in one piece. Even if they're going breakneck speeds.

What you chose to not address what my point about item #4. This boat should not have broke. PERIOD. It was well under powered in the conditions and was either an oversight of the sailors (very likely on a delivery where everyone is not 'dialed in') or it was a build issue/ inspection issue.

Let me make it clear, I'm not hear to say that open 60's are unsafe boats, but they don't hold the same safety factors as a Hanse or Hinckley. This is an acceptable risk as I see it. However, you cannot say that carbon race boats don't have failures on a pretty regular basis. And part of this is due to the thin layup, and lack of historical data in regards to cyclical loads on a rough sea. They're still working out the details.

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