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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I can understand that. I honestly think the primary factor on the other side of the argument is the intense dislike of regulation and the hassle and expense it creates. And I TOTALLY get that - ESPECIALLY for those experienced skippers who have no real need of this kind of oversight. (And I would not be arguing this at all if the bar to entry for the SDR was set for these types of sailors). I too don't want any outside organization "all up in my bidness". I want to learn and prepare just like you're learning and preparing.

But, again, that's the kicker here. I personally don't care one whit what an individual skipper decides to do. He can be as stupid as he wants to be. That's completely on him...right up until he's rescued then we can endlessly debate on SN how he's risking the USCG's lives and wasting taxpayer money.

Indeed, you can't fix stupid.

HOWEVER, when an organization is making money from pulling together as many boats as possible for this kind of run at this time of year AND its standards are "low" - it's a different kettle of honey-badgers. Because the way the SDR has its standards set up currently...they're (potentially) allowing far more stupid to be concentrated in a dangerous place that SOMEONE is going to have to fix, or worse, clean up.
The only "stupid" I have seen any evidence of is the jackasses who keep repeating "can't fix stupid". Got to love a straw man, eh?

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