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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
"Our welds"??? Don't your clients build their own BS boats? How exactly can you claim this with "our welds" - when you have nothing to do with those welds?

And you wonder why Dove has dropped to $20K and is still not selling? Dude. Get a grip.

Sure - but you'll take their pension...

Exactly. Seems like a theme.
When I sold my last boat in 1987, boats were selling a lot more quickly than they are today, for a lot more money. According to an article I read in Pacific Yachting at the time, the average time it took back then to sell a sailboat was 2 years. That's roughly how long it took me to sell mine, to a guy who has since built his second brentboat ,and crossed the Pacific twice in her.
Now they are giving away plastic boats, and grinding them up to make concrete reinforcement. A friend was offered an Alberg 35 for free in Mexico.
Does that mean the standard price for an Alberg is now zero? A guy on Lasquetti Island was given a good Rawson 30 for free. Does that mean, from this point on ,the value of a Rawson 30 is now zero?
Winston l told me that there is no way he is giving his boat away. He said $47 K period .If no one will give me that, then my daughter will inherit her. I just that he has sold her, to a California couple ,for $47K.
Steve ,get a grip! You have just bought your second sailing version of an Edsel. You are definitely not a good source of boat buying advice.

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