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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by SloopJonB View Post
Brent, if you presented your ideas minus all the anger, contemptuousness and attack mode you would probably find they get a better reception.

Just a thought.

And by the way, you never answered about the lifetime contributions to the CPP/OAS you are looking forward to collecting.
I only attack when I am being attacked . I have a right to respond in kind. I am definitely not a fan of Neville Chamberlain's approach. Where would we be today if we had taken his advice?
The average car in BC is subsidised to the tune of $2500 a year( cost of highways above gas taxes etc. Having never owned a car, I have not taken that subsidy. I have paid GST, HST manufacturing taxes, fuel taxes, sales taxes, etc. my entire life. No one takes my garbage from my front door, nor has delivered mail to my hatch. I am hooked to no grid and make my own energy from solar sources, and take my heating fuel from the beaches, so their oil company subsidies ( corporate charity ) don't give me full benefits. I have spent many long, unpaid , volunteer hours politically campaigning for the continuation of our social safety nets, including pensions and medicare.

The ratio of CEOs salary, to that of the average worker, has gone form 30 time to 300 times , all tax deductible as a business expense, which taxpayers have to make up for, in effect, subsidise. I have received no such subsidy. So why in hell should I feel guilty about not having had to subsidize such multi billionaires out of my pocket? My pension comes out of what Canadians call "The Mike Duffy Nutrition Fund ." Ask the nearest Canadian how that works, and if they would feel guilty about tapping in to it.
Being aboriginal ,I think it is about time they started paying us a bit of rent, and royalties for the resources they have been stealing ( our inheritance) .They are way behind in that department.

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