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There are a lot of individual differences in reactions. Watch for your own warning signs. Usually its yawning, feeling suddenly hot or cold, feeling tired. You may have to experiment. Write down everything you eat and drink and try to correlate it with feeling sick afterwards. What you ate and drank before hand can make a big difference. Coffee, for me is just not on, I find hot-chocolate a stabilising substitute, for example.
If you can get on the helm, its great. Standing is better than sitting, the body is used to balancing on its feet more than on its backside. Looking off the boat towards the ever steady horizon really helps (standing helps see it too). Having you nose high in the wind avoids unfresh smells. Then the concentration of helming the boat takes the mind off the feelings.
Anyone feeling sick on my boat is straight on the helm.
After you have been sick, there is usually a short respite - take another pill with water - a little of it will stay in. (I got that tip off the packet).
If you are cold and/or wet, do go below and lie down, (like SD said, don't sit or stand), preferably on the boards right over the keel. Take a bucket with you.
Is there a cure? - If you find a real one, it would be worth millions.
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