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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Hi Paulo and all,

We made it to Martinique a couple days ago. 18 days from Tenerife in the Canaries. First 6 days 30 to 40 kts nothing below 30 just a couple of hours above forty mostly 35 to 40. Seas 4 meter swell from NW and wind swell from NE at 4 meters also. The Boreal 44 was wonderful, very sea kindly easy for just Tracy and I to manage. Those first 6 days we got pooped twice once over the cabin and once in the side of cockpit but nothing special. Breaking waves were often and we handled them great a bit of slide then powered off and down the line. Very nice as I know on our old Mason 44 we would have taken much longer to recover. Those first 6 days we averaged 185 NM a day and did not push it, I think with a crew we could have done a bit over 200 NM a day. The rest of the trip was so easy and enjoyable as we rum lined towards Martinique with genoa out on pole and stay sail out to other side wing on wing and main put away. Rest of trip 20 to 25 kts and nice following seas. We used the wind pilot much more than the NKE even dead down wind as long as we put both dagger boards down the wind pilot sailed between 174 and 174 off the wind. we enjoyed just going between 5.8 and 6.5 kts except surfing down some waves at 11 kts. We just just sat back and enjoyed our passage.

We have changed our plans for the S. Pacific and will bring the boat to the east coast of the states for a summer season and re outfit boat with better gear. As well as the Boreal is built they did not do a good job out fitting boat. It is our fault for not paying attention to how it was outfit. Too much cheap Lewmar blocks and gear that failed I hate china made! The boom was attached with rivets instead of machine threads and bolts as was the vang. With rivets everything holds fine until sails start to flog a bit and they start popping out. I have always hated rivets and I let Boreal convince me they are OK. But all good cruising boats need to be done differently for long travel and wear. More chafing than we have ever had in 40 years of sailing but I can live with that except the main sheet set up and Boreal is working hard on making it better. Boreal has been with us the whole way fixing any problem even coming down to Lonzerote to fix some interior wood problems that really was not so bad. They are a great company but still have a long way to go in understanding how a cruising boat is set up and not how a crazy Frenchman an his crew would sail such a boat. Unlike a Pogo the Boreal can be sailed like any regular cruising blue water boat and not heeled over at 17 degrees making life enjoyable. My hope is Boreal keeps learning how most cruisers sail and most sail short handed and all the new Boreal owners benifit from our feed back to Boreal. We are the most popular boat where ever we go, every Frenchman and woman come to visit us hoping for a tour of our boat which we give because we love the French especially from Brittany. We drink and talk sailing for hours! Just today we have had 4 dinks come by to ask about our Boreal all of them Ovni owners!

Despite the small set backs that come with any new boat we are happy withe boat and I might consider though it is early our best boat ever. I'm hard as hell to please it takes about a year for me to make up my mind so far so good.

Any questions go and ask I'll answer them as true as I can as I promised earlier in this thread.


Steve and Tracy
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