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Re: Terminology: head up

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
I have to say I do find a lot of the terminology very confusing. Once you get it down pat it becomes second nature. Then you start to understand why the terms are used. I never understood why, then when early on I was on a boat and someone said to turn right, and the answer was "your right or mine" well port/starboard really clarifies it and there is no doubt in the end. Kind of reminds me when I was resetting a password for someone and it was "Uppercase B, lowercase a, 2" and she responds "is that an upper case or lower case 2?" I thought about it, and thought better of making a snide remark as she was one of the top 25 executives at IBM and just sail lower case...

A concise unique vocabulary can be hard to learn, really almost like another language, but avoids a lot of confusion in the end.
Actually, when in steering situations aboard ships. You use left and right for directions when giving helm orders on the bridge. "left 10 degrees" "right hard over" etc. This is due to it being simple for the helmsman who are usually O/S or A/B and may not have the port starboard down yet. I could be wrong with its reason but that is what I remember from the Academy.

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