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rig tuning and weather helm

I need a little advice on rig tuning.
I recently tried to just take the slop ot of my standing rigging an didn't do a very good job of it and got the mast a little S shaped. wich after a lot of cursing I finally got back straight. But still wanted to know that the rig was all properly tensioned and the mast was were it was supposed to be in relation to the boat.
I loosened all the rigging and started from scratch cheked rake foud center
and tightend it down with equal tension keeping the mast in collum.
We went for a short sail yesterday and the boat performed a lot better than it did before a lot less weather helm and faster.
but Here is the problem on the starboard tack close hauled in 10knts app I could balance the boat to zero weather helm(or close to it). same wind speed and point of sail on the port tack The best balance I could get left me with about Five degrees of rudder(which I like better).
So what did I do wrong Did I not find dead center with the mast head? that is realy the only part of the set up I'm skeptical about.

Here are the paticulars, Single spreader mast, single forestay(tacked with stay sail on and off no difference.)split back stayes at the mast head, forward and aft lowers and fixed running backstays. modified fin keel and skeg hung rudder.

What do you think?

Thank you
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