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besides making sure all the hoses are in good order, check the water impeller on the cooling pump. After not running for a year, it may be stuck and will tear apart when it rotates. If hoses and impeller are OK, you may try tapping the start button to see if it turns over. If it just clicks, stop, the pistons may be frozen and you'll burn out the starter.

A boat as you described it probably has glow plugs. Maybe not if it's a new Isuzu, If it has gp's gunkus can grow from the end of the electrode which will cause it not to glow. Check those.

Some will pull the injectors and spray a light oil or WD40 directly into the cylindars before starting after a long lay over. Good idea, gets lubrication to the pistons immediately and may help break up any corrosion on the walls.

Prime the fuel pump, making sure you have good clean fuel. Sitting for a year....more gunkus. May have to bleed the system.

Oh yeah, if it starts, check the exhaust to see if it's pumping water, or smokes...white means water in the system, black is too rich.

That's about all I can think of right now, good luck

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