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This will be my last post on this thread...I really don't give a rats ass anymore...I'm tired...

Its all in what they call the boat...

Like I said...I don't know a guy that knows a guy, that knows a guy...that is friends with a a guy at Dufour...I KNOW THE BOAT.

Please note that all the differences are in fact possible to get from the factory, as stated, but that is not the standard boat. And because of that they call it a "series" boat.

There were many arguments and discussions here in the racing circle here in Europe about this boat, and its rating and modifications, and Dufour made a Worldwide press campaign for it.

The solution was either withdraw OR...make this "racing" version a "series" boat...offered to the you can buy one....just like BMW...they make the 6 series M6 with 500HP with a V10, and they make a formula 1 engine V10...both are BMW...but not the same car.

The differences I know...

1)The Qumm has 2 more winches installed, wich the standard version does not have, so flying a spi is harder on the "normal" one.
The cabin top winches are Wide base drum for spi control.

2)It has the routing of halyards, sheets, reefs, piano etc. different from the standard version, and different cables

3)It has 50cm (almost 2 feet more) more mast height (its a Sparcraft performance like mine...I saw them in France when I bought mine), and the mast is tapered, but can be ordered at the factory....but at customer's request and more $$$, but ITS NOT the standard version.

4) The genoa tracks and travelleres are different and have more trim features, and BARBER HAULER

5) the keel is 1000 lbs lighter and has no bulb....1000lbs...that decreases wet surface by a LOT..positive stability goes from 115,9 to 108,3 degrees...make it lighter and faster in lower winds. The keel can also be modified by the factory.

6) Bigger main, smaller genoa, main larger by 7,5 SQ meters, genoa smaller by 8 SQ meters

7)The back stay is different and so are its adjustment.

off course "small modifications" that change the IMS rating from 630,3 to 627,9...ahhh now it can enter (or could ehehehe) the IMS 670, even against smaller LWL boats...That's over...Thank God.

The following photos show Quijote, (Qumm's real name) against the "standard" my guest...see for yourself.

The white Hull is Quijote, QUMM.

Qummis boat on left. Standard is on the right.

The issue here is what they call me its like if BMW wanted to race a formula 1 in a street race, and so it could be called a Street racer, was sold to the public as such...

Don't get me wrong, I give it credit for wining...I just don't feel its fare and you?? And don't call it a "series" boat. please...its offensive..for us the same waters

I am not saying its not a good boat.. I'm just saying its champion due to loop holes in rules (well IMS got smarter now and that is over). This is a discussion we had here for a long time, and we all feel its not fare..that is all

We had large fights over this thing, and how "political" crap tried to solve it. I am tired of this duscussion about this boat...its (thank God) water under the bridge...hurray to new rules...

and I don't really care what Dufour says about their you expect Ford to say bad things about Ford in their paper?? I guess not..

Signing out

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