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Hi guys!

Did some catching up on this thread, happy to see you´re still going strong with the thread Paulo!! And I saw that you made some posts about multihulls, thought I might chime in

The Whisper 29 is (I think) also called Aeromomentum 29 or AM29 or Chang Mei 29 or JE29 or something like that and is probably 10 year old or so design. It´s a bit messy, I think it was designed by a semi-known na to be built in asia under the name Chang Mei 29. But then the builder used low quality materials which resulted in low quality boats. The na prohibited the builder to keep building but they kept on building it anyway. At least this is what I´ve heard. I´m not sure where the Whisper is built and by who, hopefully not the asian builder... Anyway, looks to have rather low finish and the design is not very good IMHO.

I did some research of Aventura cats and especially the Aventura 33 a couple of years ago. Interesting boats if you ask me, although I read a review of the 33 and it was apparently not very fast. At least it looks fast!

And to save the best for last! The KISS Multihull T29 trimaran! Designed by Stefan Törnblom (who can be seen sitting in the cockpit on one of the pictures sippin' on a beer!). My first boat, the Seaon 96, was also designed by Stefan. I think this is his follow-up design. The Seaon was definitely a very fast boat and this is probably even fast, at least in light winds. Very spartan interior and not very cozy, but hey, this boat is made for sailing . I did have some issues with the Seaon though that made me question the NA a bit. Maybe this one holds up better What I do think is really cool is the soft wing sail, I want that on my boat! I thought about it earlier, had some email conversation with Omer Wing Sail inventor, but dropped the idea. Maybe not too late though, my boat isn´t finished yet...


//Mr W
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