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I would say the Portagee kept it pretty well together there, for the most part, and I commend him for it. He obviously feels that the manufacturer is playing a little fast and loose with certain details; the kind of details usually printed in very small type at the bottom of the screen in a TV commercial.

It is perhaps indicative of the sailboat market that they are able to publish such things and expect not to get called on it. They do us, and themselves, no favors by doing so. Giulietta makes a pretty convincing case. I suppose I will now have to pay more attention to his posts on Catalinas, a thought that pains me!

The Dog's reference to NASCAR, and Giu's to Formula 1, are apt. You won't find an automaker claiming that the car on the showroom floor is what you saw on TV last Sunday. They are more than happy that it looks just like it, and want you to feel like Jeff Gordon driving it, but are upfront about such details as Mr. Gordon's car is rear wheel drive and the production car is front wheel drive, and there is not an options list where you can check off rear wheel drive and an extra 500 hp.

Oftentimes the internet provides more heat than light; in this case I would think that a fair amount of light has been shed and we are lucky to have a knowledgable poster such as Giu. In the interest of full illumination, I would think it entirely appropriate for Dufour, or one of their dealers, to respond to any points they feel to be unfair.

And that's about all the pleasantness I am inclined to send the Portagee's way for one day.

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