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Re: and there he goes again,

Originally Posted by capt vimes View Post
I got aware of that project some time ago and really tried to figure out, what that fipofix would be... Apart from a rather awkward sounding marketing name, at least to me...

I also found no information regarding the abandoned first attempt, where norbert sedlacek sailed that dinghy... The only austrian - and ironically the first german speaking (stamm is swiss, but from the french part) - to have ever competed in the vendee globe - he became dead last, had a rather old boat and he is an adventurer - not a racer...
Harald is his son

The first quotes from your stevenson post would fit bernard montessier perfectly as well...
Bernard Moitessier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He struck an unidentified floating object which damaged his rudder and also experienced some problems with his charging system (indeed, since he is using a hydro charger it may have been damaged when he struck the submerged object).

"FipoFix" is the composite technology used in the construction of the boat, hence the odd sponsor name. It involves the use of volcanic rock material, and Paulo has covered it - and a related technology - in an earlier post.

Volcanic Fiber - FIPOFIX® (EN)

I very much admire this effort and, if he does make it to New York City, I will be in a good position to go visit the boat, as I will be taking a new job based in the nearby city of Stamford, Connecticut later this month. Much easier to catch the train down to NYC from there than from where I am currently.

However, I won't let it interrupt my current love affair with the Elan 210, which is now competing for my heart with the Seascape 27 and the Django 7.70.

We deal in lead, friend.
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