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Re: Cape 2 Rio

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Everything remains the same on that race...quite boring. The Maserati is arriving, hugely ahead of any other boat, the TP52 disguised (in a cruiser) is beating the old Open 60 and the small M34 continues to piss the bigger class40 and making a great race.

The only interesting news come regarding that fatal accident with the Bavaria 55 that resulted not only on one dead but several injured. In fact what was strange since the begining was that details of that accident never come out and that is very odd. The only thing that was said was that the boat had lost the mast.

Now details come from Daniel Kohl, head of marketing from the German shipyard. On a note to the main sail magazines it was communicated that the boat was rolled by a gigantic wave and that the mast broke in consequence of that. The crew member that died disappeared in the water and was not seen again.

This is is all very suspicious. Why did not the skipper and crew report the nature of the accident? Why it is Bavaria head of Marketing that reports the circumstances of the accident?

The Black out is total, neither on their club (Angola) they told anything and the club has been posting regularly the reports of the other Angolan team ( on another Bavaria). Both teams have the same sponsor.
I will hazard a guess that the lack of clear reporting is probably linked to legal liability and insurance considerations. Until everyone involved - particularly the skipper - has had an opportunity to "lawyer up" (as we say in the United States, the global leader in personal injury litigation), it is safer to say little or nothing at all.

Once there is a formal inquiry, I expect we will finally get something approaching the "truth" of the matter. We should not be surprised that Bavaria is speaking up, given their own history of litigation issues involving alleged keel failures. I'm sure they want to make it clear that the accident had nothing to do with the boat design or construction, to the extent they are able to do so.

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