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Re: Rounded bows

Originally Posted by capt vimes View Post
... And lifts the bow on a reach to plan earlier...
And on a close haul the bow is less 'dipped in' by the broad stern... The waterlines in a heeled situation is less - how to say - offline... But more in line with the course the boat is going...
There are a lot of merrits to a fat bow, but the main reason is lift to plan...
Nobody is more linguistically impaired than I am, when it comes to languages other than English. However, I'd like to call attention to a recurring spelling error that some of the posters make quite often in this thread.

When a boat attains sufficient speed and lift to break free from the limits of displacement sailing, the correct term to use is: "plane" or "planing"

The words "plan" and "planning" refer to the making of arrangements or contingencies -e.g., "I am planning a cruising vacation in Turkey this summer." Or "I don't know what I'm doing this summer as my wife is the one making the plan." "Plan" can also refer to a diagram or schematic, as in its use in the expression "plan form" - i.e., a graphical rendering of a particular yacht design.

I apologize for playing spelling policeman but hopefully nobody will take offense, as that was not my plan.

However, since English is such a ridiculous language, I should probably note the words "plain" and "plains" - the former means "ordinary or non-descript" while the latter refers to extended flat landscapes.

Again, I beg forgiveness for this brief spelling lesson. I was an English teacher at a very early stage of my career, so it is a difficult habit to break.

I now return you to our regularly scheduled discussion of interesting boats, already in progress.


We deal in lead, friend.
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