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Re: Cruising yachts behaving if they're doing us a favour

This thread certainly has proven to have legs. One thing I have looked for through all the posts (and quite possibly missed) is drawing a clear distinction between two classes of “crew.”

First, there are the friends who go out for a day, two days, or even a week to enjoy sailing and the camaraderie of sailing. We can include lone sailors who look for previously unknown crew/companions in this category. They may have people on board for longer periods. In any of these instances, if I were the “crew,” I would never even think about not contributing to the operation of the boat. Chipping in a reasonable amount for food, occasional dock fees, and even fuel for the boat is just being a good guest. After all, this is a vacation, holiday, relaxing day off, or whatever you want to call it. Why should you not cover mutual boat expenses?

The second class of crew is just that. There is a boat to be delivered. Get on the boat, make sure it is seaworthy, cast off, reach the destination, and no sooner have the dock lines been secured when the captain or boat owner hands you your bags, shakes your hand and figuratively or literally kicks you off the boat. No way am I going to pay my way to and from that boat or pay any expenses. Food is expected and I don’t mind rice and beans since I’m not a big eater (single life will do that to you), but come on, better food than that should be available.

When I did deliveries years ago, it was poles apart from today’s environment. There was no Internet. You had to go through brokers to find crew and you had to pay them and transport them to the boat and back home. Things are different today with the prevalence of the Internet. Boat owners who need their boats delivered have a good deal with all the people online willing to do it for nothing or even pay to do it. Whether it is right, wrong or even legal, it is not going change as long as those willing free crew continue to step up.

Capt Tony

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