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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Here is one of the cons, from my perspective. You have very little control over the small shaping details when you work with steel. There are European yards that can do it but you don't see that level of shape contgrrol in North American steel boats. If you are happy with hard corners and edges then that's fine but I like a softer look. And when I want a hard corner I want it to be my design and not a limitation of the matertial.

Notice the changing contour in the cabin top of Frankie. That would have been a challenge in steel. It is not conically developed.
In steel boat building, you have all the control you need, over anything which matters . The only control you don't have is over things which really don't matter .
So don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things. Building a good steel boat doesn't take as much time as some waste on things which really don't matter, and don't improve a boat in any functional, or for that matter, in any noticeable, aesthetic way.
Before you waste lot of cruising time trying to make steel do what it really doesn't want to do, ask yourself "How important is it really ? How much cruising time it this worth giving up, for this?"
The simpler ,and thus the fewer nooks and crannies a steel boat has ,the fewer the number of chips and dings in the paint, and the less the maintenance over time ,will be. So for less trouble all around on a steel boat, SIMPLIFY!

Bob, the reverse sheer on the cabin sides of your boat would be easy to do in steel . The centreline, barely noticeable, would be straight , having almost zero effect on aesthetics, as it would be barely noticeable. This is typical of the things which some needlessly waste huge amounts of time and money on,

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