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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
They had just bought the boat planning to retire on it.
Damn, hope they haven't sold their house in Indiana yet...

Hindsight's always 20/20, of course, but with retirement ahead of them, what's the rush? Departing NY in the wake of a January blizzard, I think I'd have been inclined to head down the coast, and spend the winter in the Bahamas, for starters... though I'm no big fan of cruising multihulls, one could certainly have a ton of fun poking around the Bahamas in a boat like that...

Charlie Doane has posted his account on his blog, it's a pretty compelling read... Credit the owners, far from being the potential weak link aboard, it certainly sounds like they're made of the Right Stuff, and acquitted themselves admirably, as well... All things considered, it did seem like a pretty damn problematic situation...


Two things jump out at me from my initial reading (conceding, of course, that Charlie's account has obviously been written under some duress, and perhaps more hastily than he would prefer, and should not be taken as entirely complete)...

I'm a bit surprised that no decision appears to have been taken, at the first sign of battery charging problems from both the generator, or one of the engines... Not knowing their exact position at that time, but that would have been an immediate deal-breaker for me... Either resolve the issue then and there (especially on an boat without solar, wind, or other means of charging independent of a genset or engine), or go to a Plan B, and divert to the Chesapeake Entrance or wherever, to effect a repair to resolve the issue... Once again, seems very reminiscent of the WOLFHOUND incident a year ago, where they pressed on despite knowing they had a charging issue... (Again, I'd like to acknowledge the possibility that Charlie's write-up may simply be incomplete, or lacking details about this particular issue, or the exact timing of it, etc.)

Secondly... the tiller arms were fixed to the rudder posts WITH FREAKIN' SET SCREWS ???


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