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Re: How big a holding tank vs. camping

Originally Posted by bljones View Post
This is the kinda crap that broke sailors do that makes it harder for other broke sailors. You may not give a **** about your poo, but the guy on a boat a couple of moorings over who sees you dump your bait bucket of brown trout will likely give a ****.

You can try to rationalize your "i'm too broke to afford a proper non-smelling marine head, or too incompetent to make the one i had work" philosophy anyway you want to, but you might find your explanation is an uphill battle when you are asked to leave a mooring field and your boat is tagged because you do not have the requisite sanitary equipment.
In fact, I can pretty much predict the answer you will hear from marina staff- "That discharge keeps us in business- your discharge is bad for business."

Oh, and don't drink, at least in North America- having a beer on your boat, even on a mooring, without a head, puts you at risk of a DUI.
That fine will put a real dent in your low-buck cruising budget.
What makes you think that I have a low buck cruising budget? And why have you completely ignored my post on all the fuel your boat spews into my pristine cruising waters? Oh I get, what your saying is do as I say not as I do

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