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When does BigRed56 get out of jail?

Ahoy, Romeo. In my opinion, you are completely out of line and you comments are indefensible either in protocol or in fact. Jeff doesn''t need any one to defend him and I doubt that he will dignify your attack on him with response. However, I will give my opinion as I am on the board and very familiar with his work.
"His comments are too long..." Relative to what and according to whom? One should say, after such a statement, "in my opinion". His comments range from one sentence to a full treatment and I find he chooses full treatment judiciously.
His technical comments are not boring in any regard to me, or to anyone else who is interested. It is disinterest that leads to boredom.
I have never found his comments to sound as though he were "looking stuff up", and I have never found him to sound as if he were trying to sound smart. I don''t know how long you have been around or how much of his stuff you have read, but I can assure you that no one has a library that will cover the range of his knowledge and experience with different boats, maintenance, seamanship, marinas, sailing grounds, cruising, racing, and anything else on which he comments.
If you derive that he is a dock sailor from your reading of his comments, then you do not know what a dock sailor is, in my opinion, and thus do not know what a sailor is.
I have never heard him criticize anyone. I have seen many people solicit his opinion and many thank him for his contributions.
"Nobody is attacking Jeff...they are too long... stupid sailor tricks... Jerry Lewis thing... one of those dock sailors...just sit in their boats...never sail...always criticize you...let others reply without one of those women that you can''t get away from..." The hell you aren''t attacking him! And then you have the arrogance to say, "don''t take it personaly".
We know it is "not [your] intent to destroy the board". Your intent was clear as light.
Some suggestions:
One critiques the problem, the issue, or the behavior. One doesn''t attack the person. One doesn''t get personal. It is rude.
Skip his work if you don''t like it.
You will not destroy the board. You are incapable of it. Jeff is the resident commentator, and the hinge pin that keeps it alive, vital, thriving, and productive.
See a counselor about your jealousy. Don''t try to expropriate anothers earned reward. Jeff has earned his place on this board the old fashioned way. When one feels inferior to another, he should try to raise himself to the higher level, not try to knock the other down.
Your device failed to get you the attention you sought.
Learn objective analysis, and comment from legitimate conclusion.
Learn to write, or don''t draw attention to your self that way. It is sad, and embarrassing for you.
You owe Jeff an apology.
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