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It really depends what is and what you are considering a race boat, what size you are considering, and how far in racing was it concieved and used. Was it small club races or World IMS Championship?? Is it a small or a larger boat.

I've seen hardcore raceboats that were used only for one year, because they are no longer competitive...but who is going to buy a paper thin 42' B&C that was almost bent in half?? How you are going to sail on a boat that was conceived to barely stay upright?? Whose keel was removed 15 times in a year, that has more lead in the head of the bowman than in the keel?? That needs at least 5 people to sail it.

How will a newcomer sail on a raceboat?? Race boats have sheet controls normally far appart because they're designed for more than one it good to have a newcomer doing this??? Most probably he will quit sailing as he will feel frustrated.. Try to have a newcomer sail on a weekend on a 470!!! Can only keep it upright if the sails are down and the crew sitting down.

Race boats are designed to be relatively and inherentely unstable, to help point, tack and have a more complicated rig..All these will be problematic to a newcomer. don't you agree?

Also, you will not get a decent race boat, like a 40.7, or a JOD 35 for less than their equivalent in a cruising mode new. In fact, some of the race boats I know, even after their "race shelf life" is done and gone, are still worth and sold for more than what they cost initially. Unless its a 1970's something...but then again...that would be just trouble...

So the question remains...what do you mean by race boat...and how race is race...

If you're looking at a smaller club racer..maybe you're right, but racing dinghies are not good for that, and I believe, that above 26 feet aren't good either for a newcomer.

Also...abuse...some boats that race...well...once they're done...they're done..

I know of a 2002 44.7 that has received over 200.000 in upgrades, just to be competitive...and was...(not anymore) now that investment is seen in the price tag...that boat is worth half million US. for that you could buy a new Catalina.
Now the boat is for sale, water enters thru all holes, has a carbon mast, that requires attention all the time, the furniture is all scratched and dented...has 10 sails (what are you gonna do with them?? half you can't even fold on your own)..its just trouble...its worth a lot for what it has, but its all useless...can't race, to tricky to sail alone, and its all beat up.

The cheap race boats you find, are cheap because they lost their edge, and can't go racing with them anymore, and no on e wants them..thus being cheap....that does not make them easy to sail by a newcomer, its the opposite.

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