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Re: Don't "drive" your boat like it's a car!

Originally Posted by Lou452 View Post
True you are right but the world is not perfect. Budgets are tight.
How much strain might be on a line and a cleat with a 42 foot yacht engine engaged? How much more pressure will wind, wave and current add all pulling on a dock cleat that has been there for how many years exposed to the elements, Bet your life on it? It does not have to be a large yacht. Inertia can build in smaller craft. Something for all of us to think about. We all know not to get a hand are or leg caught between the dock and the boat on the way in. This bone crushing force is the same when going out just better hidden, The cleat could care less. The line has no mind.
Good day, Lou
If the budget is so tight at your marina that they can't provide you with serviceable cleats, I think you might want to look for another marina! Line choice and maintenance is on you, but they should certainly be able to hold your boat in low to medium rpm maneuvers. As far as safety...There are many safer hobbies than sailing.
But OK...So how would you suggest the single handed skipper in my OP leave the dock safely, without using lines?

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