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Originally Posted by Omatako

I have come back to this forum after being away for a longish while. If the question I am asking has been dealt with recently, please point me there but I don't relish sifting through years of posts when the boffins can probably provide the answers right away.
I have bought a vessel in the US and will be bringing it home to New Zealand. The shore power in the US as we all know is 110v and the shore power in NZ is 220v.
The question then is obvious . . . in language an idjit can understand, would any one like to venture what issues there are (appliances aside) in using the same system with the higher voltage.
My understanding of electricity is that when the voltage goes up, the amperage for the same draw goes down. IOW, an appliance drawing 1000w on a 110v system would draw 9 amps. A similar appliance drawing 1000w on a 220v system would draw pretty much half of that. That is right, isn't it?
If yes, then the wiring and switches and breakers and whatever else makes up the shorepower system shouldn't have any problem dealing with it right? Right??
Because higher amperage equals heat and the converse is also true, isn't it?
Advice would be gratefully received. I have no problem changing all the plug receptacles and that sort of stuff but rewiring the whole vessel is too daunting to even contemplate.
You are correct. Your properly-installed 110v wiring will be just fine for 220v.

Change all the receptacles so you can use all 220v appliances.

It is not necessary to change the breakers--they are there to protect the WIRE, not the appliance.

s/v Truthsayer
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