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Re: Don't "drive" your boat like it's a car!

Originally Posted by Lou452 View Post
Because you can not hear tone of voice by what I type I think you see me not trying to help. All your points are valid. Why would anyone by choice engage in an activity that by nature holds danger ? why not stay inside an stare at a TV. ? I would answer because we thrive on activity. We can mitigate most of the danger to the point many of the things we do look easy.
You are able to know that the your dock and your boat are in reasonable condition. What about at the next port ?
I watched a U-tube clip you had posted. It was very good. I noticed in it they were using the piling not a dock cleat .
I can tell you will spring away with only the minimum power needed to preform. Even more so when you are at the next port miles away. What about the cowboy that was a half hour before you ? Think He could have broke something and it could look ok but not be ? What if you are coming down the dock at the same time as he is going into action? This might be the dude that parked the little boat on top the light house ? ( I am not sure if that is a fake yet but the thread is up.)
I just hope to spread a little caution and thought into what we might all think is as easy eating pie. Tons of force ready to bite anyone needs respect.
All said with Respect, Lou
I do appreciate that you are trying to help, and completely agree with respecting the forces involved. Though I don't think they are as great as you do, given normal conditions as in the OP. However, your suggestion of leaving the dock without lines is exactly what the guy in the OP did. If I had a video of the incident, I sincerely doubt you would say what he did was safe. It took my breath away, and I don't scare easily!

So, I'm simply asking you, in those conditions how would you leave the dock without using lines? Maybe you wouldn't cast off, but he did, and almost created a incident. Is your position that if conditions are keeping your hull against the dock, you simply get help or don't cast off until conditions change? Is your position that what the OP skipper did was safer than using a stern line? If so, we simply have to agree to disagree.

BTW, the You tube video states that you can use a cleat OR piling, both of which were options in the OP. However, if you are concerned about lines snapping, (to use your terminology) the line doesn't know a cleat from a piling.

Here is a shot of Larry Ellison's yacht at the AC. Common procedure was for crew to power away from the dock with two lines holding the stern, while the forward mooring was released. Then, they backed off the throttles, the stern lines were released and they pulled away from the dock. All of this while guests sipped margaritas on the rear deck! Yes, bigger cleats, bigger lines, but a MUCH bigger boat.
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