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Re: Solo and short crewed racing

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
That is really sad since the costs of solo racing on a mini is really small and the return big....I mean for the ones that follow the races and I guess the Americans don't.

Maybe that is changing but I guess it will take time in the US. In Great Britain, even with all conservatism regarding sailing they are changing fast and solo and short crew are becoming much more popular. The Vendee Globe is very big now also in GB and they are desperate to win it. Just look at this movie:

and it is not only in what regards open class boats and the Figaro class but also on IRC. As we all know the last Fastnet was won on compensated by a duo crew but maybe you have not noticed the number of duo crews. Have a look:

Sailing Results

and I bet that this year that percentage will increase again as has been increasing with each year.


There is nothing even remotely like Artemis Academy for solo sailing in the United States. Indeed, there's not much of anything for developing professional sailors, and precious little for developing amateurs, as well. Even U.S. Olympic Sailing is considered, in certain circles, to be something of a joke (as is U.S. Sailing, in general).

I am extremely impressed by the number of 2-handed entries in the last Fastnet. You are correct that I had no idea there were so many. And what impressed me the most was the Archambault 31 in 5th place. That is a tiny boat to be taking out to Fastnet Rock and back, but since there are not a few doing the TransQuadra, I suppose I should not be surprised.

BTW, are you actually attending Dusseldorf this year? If so, have you been able to take a first-hand look at the Seascape 27?


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