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What came as a bit of a surprise to me is that I had to be fingerprinted again although I assured the CG I had not changed my fingerprints since birth. The issuing USCG office in Toledo, Ohio suggested a closer site for the fingerprinting process of Milwaukee, this was welcome news as I wasn’t thrilled about a road trip to Toledo in the winter. The reason I was given as to why I needed to be fingerprinted again was that the prints were going to be taken electronically so that they could be shared with various law enforcement agencies if needed, apparently our government hasn't heard that the scanner was invented. Willingly I made an appointment with the USCG office in Milwaukee to be fingerprinted. Upon arrival I was asked to fill out the obligatory paperwork and provide two forms of photo identification, I was told that a passport and a drivers license would suffice. To my amazement I saw them pull an ink pad out of the desk drawer, when I asked about the “electronic” process, they looked at me and laughed “do you think they give us money for that type of equipment?”. Later that day at home I received a letter from Coast Guard Station Toledo informing me that I was to send a form of identification to them to complete my renewal application, a passport would do the trick I was told. I told them that the Coast Guard in Milwaukee took copies of the pertinent identification while I was there to be finger printed, I asked why this was necessary. They told me that CG station Milwaukee was not qualified to determine identification, you could have knocked me over with one of those missing WMDs that were supposed to be in Iraq! Reluctantly I sent my passport to GG Station Toledo (registered mail both ways costing me $30) so that they could determine my identification, how they did this without me appearing before them is a mystery. I go to bed each night hoping my passport will not be lost or end up in the wrong hands. As Pogo stated "we have seen the enemy as he is us"
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