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Gee, thanks -- or not?

Originally Posted by Denr
I just renewed my 50T Masters licence, what a MAJOR pain in the ass the coast guard is now that they are part of Homo Land Security, I now know why so many let thier licence expire! Would rather ask sailormitch to give me three root canals during a prostate exam while in ten foot seas in shark infested waters while sinking at the same time.....

Thanks for dragging me into this, but I think I'll pass on your little scenario!!!! As you know, in my day job I deal with the Homo Land Security folks quite a bit, and your experience with the CG is about average for them. In my agency we have developed our own methods for handling the identity verification process that is simple, cheap and effective. Needless to say the other idiots in the gubmint security world keep telling us "You can't do that." Our response is, "Hey, dimwit, we just did!!!!"

As for the fingerprint thing, we have a $100 Epson scanner that scans the standard fingerprint card into the electronic format the FBI needs to run the prints. The electronic machines go for $6-20K or thereabouts, so obviously we are doing it wrong. You also should know that the FBI prefers the "rolled" fingerprints (the old ink type) compared to the electronically obtained ones (called "slaps") because the rolled prints have much more surface area to check and gives a better end result. The slaps only have 60 percent of the print compared to rolls. I have been in 3 hour meetings where people argued over slaps vs. rolls. Honest!

I won't even go into the idiocy with mailing the passport to them.

Here's a freebie -- The Postal Service has 800,000 employees. Care to guess how many of them have background checks?

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