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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I can't really keep up with your wild spinning of things across all these different rallies. If you don't like the way they are set up, start a thread on them and critique them. This thread is about the SDR. So, let me keep it very simple.

Among all the rallies under discussion, the SDR is the ONLY rally to my knowledge to have the following combination:

1. A low bar to entry for this kind of trip (a single bluewater passage).
2. No mandatory safety regulations (e.g. - ISAF-based, etc.)
3. No safety inspections.
4. No required level of skipper/crew training, and very limited supplemental training opportunities via the rally itself (e.g. - a single 1-day seminar for a limited number of participants).
5. It's free.

Additionally, the SDR is indisputably the ONLY rally to have the following outcome:

5 SAR cases in 36 hours - resulting in a freakin' Marine Safety Alert from the USCG!!!

Now, how ever you want to try to justify the above facts against any other rally by picking and choosing line items - or requiring Bigfootesque "causal proof" of specific items that is not yet available for anyone to provide. Knock yourself out. But none of that matters to the issue of this thread and the above facts.

My point is and has always been that the SDR is, without question, the ONLY rally we've been discussing to have the above combination of protocols and failures. And this is undoubtedly a bad combination any way you try to slice it.

With the USCG's making an example of the outcome of the SDR specifically as follows...

...AND laying out "strong recommendations" that certainly seem to buttress my view (and which are much more in line with the other rallies' protocol), your defense of the SDR status-quo is certainly growing more and more out of touch.

Tried to be nice a few times, but I gotta say: I really think you don't know what the **** you are talking about.

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