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Re: 52 Super series Key West regatta

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Great sailing in Key west. These series lost a lot regarding the previous Audi Med cup. Worst coverage, less teams, less countries, less TV exposure, less money and less interest in what regards the secondary races (40 series) that where many times so spectacular as the main races.

Even so the last day with lots of wind provided great sailing:
It's an amazing this video. I am not sure whether I got properly what happened so correct me if I am wrong since I have no idea about racing. The guys were doing fine down wind with the gennaker, the helmsman doing the steering and the main sheet traveller, the next two guys forward were handling the gennaker sheet and the forth guy in the front was navigating and may be in charge of the vang sheet. At one point they sheeted hard on the wind in order to avoid a boat in trouble and this turned to a broach where they heeled excessively, sunk the leeward rail and blew the gennaker in the water. It took wuite a time to resume trim but not sure whether everything was finally OK. Do I miss something?

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