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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Here's the scene as I see it:
It's a party. There is a string quartet playing some Haydn and Mozart pieces. Nice music and everyone is enjoying themselves. Over in the corner by himself sits Beethoven. He looks really bored. He smells funny, bad. He waits until the quartet finishes a pice then walks over, whips out four scoes from his waistcoat and throws them at the 1st violin. The 1st violin looks them over and distributes them to the other musicians. The room is filled with chatter and noise. Glasses clink. The score is Beethoven's Opus 135. The quartet starts in and plays through the first movement. The room begins to go quiet. By the time they finish the fourth movement the room is almost silent. Then they are done, exhausted and the room is truly silent. And it stays silent.

Not sure why I wrote that other than to kind of say, I post those hull lines and the room goes pretty much silent.
Except for Sandy clapping wildly of to one side.

But Beethoven was profoundly deaf by then so he didn't really notice. Not really.
I spent quite a bit of time at the CSR shed a few weeks ago, looking at Francis Lee... I paced back and forth... tilted my head, and just tried to observe the hull shape, and understand it based on the principals in your book..

Now I have the lines to look at as well.. Thank you. This helps me a lot


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